Queue Management System

Queue Management System

One thing the bank and its customers dread is of the long queue. The bank fears that the time spent by the customer in the long queue will transform to dissatisfaction in the minds of the customer. The customer will lose the valuable time during which time they could have attended to their work than waiting in the queue to be serviced by the bank. This thought will make the customer perceive even a longer wait time than actual. Excessive queuing and waiting are among the leading causes of dissatisfied customers in banks.

Finonyx’s Queue Management System will allow the bank to reduce the queue lengths and increase operational efficiency.

With this system, the customer enters the virtual queue line without actually being present in the physical queue, freeing up his valuable time to pursue other works. Finonyx’s Queue Management System allows the customers to join a queue even before they arrive at the bank, through their mobile. After downloading a simple mobile app from the bank, the customer can choose their nearest branch, choose the services they want to choose their convenient time to join the queue and then when it is time, they can walk into the bank, check-in to the bank through their app notifying the bank representative that the customer has arrived and physically join the queue. Real-time update on the movement of the queue line can be given to the customers on their mobile through text messaging so that they can very well manage their time.

With Finonyx’s Queue management system the banks not only will have a fully satisfied customer but also empowers the bank representatives. Based on the service request and networth of the customer who has joined the virtual queue, the banks can allot the representative who can best help the customer with their need, leaving behind a  positive impression on the customers and reducing customer complaints.

Finonyx’s Queue Management System help customers and bank’s representative to engage and achieve their goal in a timely and professional environment.