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Celebrating 10 Years of Successful Global Banking Transformation

A proud moment for Finonyx Software Solutions. On the 9th of August 2020 Finonyx successfully completes 10 years of delivering Value Progression to banks across the globe. Over the last decade, Finonyx has serviced more than 60 banking institutions. The services provided range from standard implementations to enabling greenfield banks to begin their banking journey. Finonyx today, is the first choice for banks looking for a trusted partner in their transformation journey with Oracle’s financial services solutions.

Finonyx has displayed uncompromising commitment towards “Value Progression” of the clientele. The customer appreciation that Finonyx has received is a certification towards this commitment.

As Finonyx moves into a new decade of its journey, what has remained unchanged are its core principles of dedication, hardwork and transparency.

Finonyx extends sincere gratitude to all its customers, partners, employees, and well-wishers for being part of their success story.


N.V. Subba Reddy (NVSR)

CEO & Director
Finonyx Software Solutions

This is a momentous occasion for all of the Finonytes. During the last 10 years , Finonyx has grown from strength to Strength expanding  it’s foot print  across the globe. We have become a very strong and reliable partner of Oracle Financial services implementing  all of their product suite.

I am proud to be associated with such a vibrant and fast growing company and look forward to gain much more visibility, engagement and value add to our valuable clientele across the globe. I also take this opportunity to thank our customers, employees and well wishers for all their support and encouragement on this special occasion.

Sridhar Rajannan -3

Sridhar Rajannan

Founder & Director
Finonyx Software Solutions

Celebrating the 10th anniversary is an extremely special occasion for Finonyx. The journey over the last 10 years has been wonderful. Each day presented us with an opportunity to challenge ourselves and deliver better results. On behalf of Finonyx, I wish to thank our customers, partners, past and present employees for enabling us to achieve this.

We look forward to faster growth with the future looking brighter and better.

Our Customers Feedback


“On this special occasion of Finonyx achieving 10 years of successful delivery in the industry, I wish to express our sincere appreciation on this success. Our ongoing relationship with Finonyx has strengthened over the years based on performance. Transparency has been the hallmark of our joint success and we wish Finonyx much success in the coming years”

Ade Bajomo
Executive Director
Access Bank Plc

“Finonyx has been our partner for nearly a decade, and I have to say that their service has transformed the way we do business. Their support service provides us with critical insight into our business and enables us to improve operational efficiency. The cash-in-transit application is a comprehensive system that we use on a daily basis. I am happy to see a complete turnaround in the authorization of movement of cash between our branches. I would not hesitate to recommend Finonyx to my contacts.”

Ibrahima Salla
Managing Director
Trust Bank Limited – Gambia

“On this special occasion of Finonyx celebrating 10 years of excellence in provision of bespoke financial solutions to FBC and the banking industry at large, we at FBC Holdings express our sincere appreciation of this milestone. Our association with Finonyx is evidence of an impressive synergy that has strengthened over the years. We cherish your display of enthusiasm in all our projects and commend our shared transparency that has been the hallmark of our joint success. We look forward to supporting each other in the future and we are hopeful of a much more primed relationship full of corporate excellency. Once again congratulations on your 10th anniversary.”

Trynos Kufazvinei
Group Finance Director
FBC, Zimbabwe

“Our partnership with Finonyx was built purely based on merit and this has developed into a successful collaboration. Dedication and hard work put in by the resources from Finonyx are two qualities that make them stand out. On this occasion of Finonyx completing 10 years in this space – we wish them all the best and we look forward to working with Finonyx in the future.”

Gloria Menjor
General Manager
LBDI, Liberia

“Congratulations! We are extremely happy for all the success that Finonyx has achieved in the last 10 years. Keep up the good work and the positive attitude as the team steps into a new decade. Wishing Finonyx the absolute best and we look forward to working with Finonyx again.”

Tomisin Fashina PhD
Group CIO/MD, eProcess International SA
Ecobank – Ghana

“On behalf of Mega Bank I congratulate Finonyx on completing a successful decade in this space. The professionalism and positive attitude of the team from Finonyx has taken the relationship between Finonyx and Mega Bank to a whole new level. Keep up the good work. We are happy for your success.“

Shyam Chand
Head of IT
Mega Bank, Nepal

“Happy Anniversary Finonyx! Finonyx has been a truly valued partner over the years. Keep up the good work and achieve much more. Good Luck.”

Ali A. Kerwan
FCUBS Project Implementation Manager
Central Bank Of Libya

“Congratulations Team Finonyx! We are glad to have been part of your 10-year successful journey. Our association with you has brought positive results in our business operations. We appreciate your good support and wish your team greater success.”

Chan Kok Choy
Executive Director/General Manager
Vattanac Bank

“Firstly, let me congratulate Finonyx on completing 10 years. We are happy to have been part of this successful journey. The effort put in by the team from Finonyx to ensure success of our projects requires a special mention. Thank you and wishing Finonyx and the team a happy anniversary. “

Francis ZAGO
Group CIO

“We at Bank Audi congratulate Finonyx on completing 10 years and wish the entire team a very happy anniversary. We are happy to have been part of this successful journey and will continue to be. “

Bank Audi

Our Employees Feedback


In Finonyx, the Employees and Customers are treated as both eyes of the Organization. The Customer Satisfaction and employees Personal/Emotional wellbeing has been treated equally. The Management is easy accessible and the freedom in execution, bringing of new ideas and solutions are encouraged. The Organization work culture helped in sharpening the competencies, and made the workplace interesting and Jovial. Working with Finonyx feels like being a part of big family in terms of Supportiveness, Knowledge sharing, Drive force of common goals. I personally believe Mr. Harry Ford’s quote as “It’s not the Employer who pays the wages. Employers only handles the money. It’s the customer who pays the wages”. In that way, Finonyx has extremely handled the money even in crises.

Vijaybaskar Sundaram
Consulting Practice Manager
Finonyx Software Solutions

“Success never comes in a day. Being happy and comfortable in your work is all anyone would ask for and no doubt Finonyx has provided that which leads to great feeling of inclusiveness and makes me really love the work that i do. Celebrating a ten-year anniversary milestone is a big achievement in itself and I'm thrilled to be part of it having cruise halfway together.”

Kavikuilan N
Consulting Practice Manager

My Personal experience and journey was really good and great. Recollecting my past , i have been and seen Ups and downs, twist and turns in the walk, hats off to Mr Sridhar who stood rock solid to faces the tides and challenges. Finonyx has given me opportunity , to learn & Grow from Sr Software consultant to Program Manager in the banking industry .

Guru Bs
Program Manager

“Opportunities!! is the one word which describes my time at Finonyx. I have had opportunities to learn, lead and excel at various levels and in various streams. At Finonyx, I have grown from a techie, as an individual contributor to taking up leadership positions driving multiple teams. The support and guidance from the top management has been invaluable. Congratulations to all my fellow Finonyx as we are completing a decade.”

Purushotham Kudva
Head of Solutions and Technology

Being comfortable and happy in work is all anyone asks for, Finonyx has provided that over the years and I am extremely happy and thankful to be part of Finonyx family.As Finonyx is completing 10 years – I congratulate the leadership team and all employees who have played their part in reaching this milestone. This place has helped me grow personally and professionally.

Sumanth Malepati
Senior Consultant

Finonyx successfully completing 10 years is remarkable milestone and proud moment for me personally. For me, the journey with Finonyx has been satisfying and fruitful – the exposure that I received and the experience I gained are second to none. Congratulations to the whole team at Finonyx looking forward to greater challenges and milestones.

Vedaprakash MG
Senior Consultant

10th anniversary of Finonyx is a moment I will always look up with pride. I have enjoyed being part of this organization – have had the chance to enhance my skills, take up new responsibilities and constantly learn new aspects in the banking technology space. Congratulation dear Finonytes – let us together celebrate this milestone.

Phani Kishore
Senior Consultant