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Paper Based / Online Applications, Document Submission, Bills, Paper Based Financial Instruments, KYC, Collaterals ore often the most evident visual representations of a Bank. Banks deal with multiple documents that are critical for day to day operations, regulatory compliance, corporate governance and data security. Document Management has always been a tedious, time consuming yet critical function in Banks. Need of the hour is an efficient Document Management System that can capture, classify, store, index and retrieve documents efficiently with minimal effort and maximum security.

Finonyx Document Management System is end-to-end solution to efficiently manage your document management needs in a secure environment. Our system can be plugged into any Core Banking Application at the bank and can effectively.

With the Finonyx Document Management System

  • Capture and store documents Securely In dedicated folders
  • Index and classify documents by need and criticality
  • Search and retrieve documents quickly
  • Seamlessly integrate with your existing Core Banking System

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Finonyx Software Solutions is a trusted Oracle Platinum Partner focused on providing comprehensive consulting, custom development, testing, maintenance & support, implementation and upgrade services for the Oracle Financial Services suite of products for Banks and Financial Institutions across the globe. Finonyx offers a comprehensive suite of homegrown banking products that address specific needs of banks.